Keep Your Home and Electronics Safe While you Travel

DEFAULT_ForReviewAll of us have heard the saying, “while the cat is away…the mice will play”. It also could mean that, “While the homeowners are away…the thief’s will stay”.

When you and yours travel during the holidays or vacations, you don’t want to worry about how safe your house and belongings are back home. You really want that peace of mind so everyone can enjoy the experience. Here are some of the best security tips courtesy of Doctor Sound Home Theater, Inc.:

  • Cancel your newspaper and mail for the time you will be gone. But still inform your neighbor to watch for newspapers in the driveway and double check the mail box and keep any until you return.
  • Inform the police that you will be gone and they are happy to pay attention to your home.
  • Great idea to give the impression that someone is home. Get a timer for certain lights and for the radio to be on during the day and early evening.
  • Motion-sensitive lights are great for the outside, even when you are home.
  • It is a good idea to keep your bushes out front trimmed, so that a thief can’t hide in overgrown shrubs.
  • Make the home look like you are there. For example, keep the blinds and curtains up along with number 3.
  • Don’t leave expensive computers or collectibles in easy viewing sight.
  • Double check all your door locks and window latches.
  • Try not to advertise over Social Media that you are going to be away. Lots of eyes are out there.
  • Unplug computers, TV’s and other appliances to protect them from a possible power surge. Check smoke detectors to see if they are in working order so at least your neighbor can hear them.
  • If you have an Alarm Company, make sure they have your cell phone numbers and inform them you will be gone for x number of days.
  • Lastly, give your trusted neighbor a key so they can water your plants and check your home out every couple of days. Then bring them a nice “Thank You” gift that you know they will enjoy.

Have a safe trip and keep your thoughts on the road instead of worrying about what is happening back at your homestead.

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