January 12, 2016


Everything you’re looking for is right here: Best Home Theater Speakers, Surround Sound, TV Wall Mount, Outdoor TV

Video Displays

Home theater is an art of fine balance. A phenomenal surround sound system will fall short if the images presented are not as the director intended. Bright, colorful and in full, vibrant action should be displayed larger than life. And wall mounted TV displays are not only for movies anymore. Imagine being able to review that important presentation while you are on the treadmill in your home gym? Or watch the big game while floating with friends in the pool. Flat screen TV, 4K TV, outdoor TVs and TV wall mount technology is ever changing, and Doctor Sound is confident in manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Epson, JVC, and more to provide the best in the industry. With these and other high end video products in our line up, we embrace the changes, and look forward to assisting you with your upgrades.

Audio Equipment

Even if the visuals seamless and lifelike, it is hard to be submersed in the scene if the energy or the surround sound isn’t part of the equation. High end components, such as Denon, Sony ES, Pioneer, Sunfire, SpeakerCraft, and more are proven to create just the right mix of sound and base to any scene, creating lasting impressions with certainty. Such equipment is vital in a quality home theater system and during our complimentary proposal, we will match your individual taste with the right level of audio equipment for your ultimate ease of use.

Subwoofers, Book Shelf and Floor Standing Speakers

The best home theater speakers let you feel the action of a movie, show or presentation being viewed, or the delicate intricacies of fine music, speakers should enhance the experience, not overwhelm the senses. A quality home theater system allows you to feel your entertainment, at a comfortable audio level. The true clarity of high end speakers will put you right into the media, as if you were standing next to the person speaking/singing. A few of our favorite brands include Origin Acoustics, Episode, Polk Audio, SpeakerCraft, Atlantic Technology, Jamo, Sunfire, Velodyne and more.

In-Wall Speakers

There is no longer any need for the equipment to clutter the floor, or corners to provide amazing surround sound. In-wall speaker systems have become quite popular, especially for those interested in cosmetic appeal as well as sound quality. SpeakerCraft, Atlantic Technology, Proficient, Episode, Origin Acoustics, and more all offer high quality custom in-wall speaker systems providing a streamlined and elegant solution for all of your sound needs.

Theater Seatingchairswebyk9

The trend in public theaters in to make the viewer feel as comfortable and relaxed as they would in their own home. What a concept! Your custom designed, dedicated media room should be a place to retreat and surround yourself with family, phenomenal entertainment, all in the luxury of your own home. Theater seating is essential to an authentic media room, providing the best seat in the house, no matter which chair you choose. Through United Leather, we can offer comfortable, functional, yet stylish theater seating and each configuration is completely custom, allowing you to choose from several styles of chairs and fabric samples, electric or manual reclines, arm consoles, and wedges for straight or curved seating configurations. Further, you have the option of adding subwoofers to your chairs for the full entertainment experience. Placing you in the action. Contact us and we can get started on your custom theater seating today!

Other Household Systems

Convenient and powerful central vacuums have come a long way since making the scene in the early 80’s. Greyfox, NuTone, M&S and Frigidaire offer updated systems, which are making the A list for new home builders, providing modern convenience and functionality. On a more technological note, home automation is making system integration and end user operation easier and more valuable than ever. Elan offers customizable and upgradeable control systems for current and future home technology, and with Elan trained installers, we are ready to integrate, and automate your home to make your life easier.

Audio Video Accessories

Quality home theater components are best supported by a complete network of high quality cables, line conditioners, and surge protectors to maximize the potential of your electronics and protect them from unpredictable electrical variables. Texas weather is unpredictable and historically served to fry thousands of residential components annually. Ethereal, Panamax, Universal Remote, RTI, Watt Box, and On Controls are trusted to provide consistent, superior protection and optimization. When ready to reap the rewards of a well-planned home entertainment system, our clients can feel confident operating their new system with a fully integrated Smart system or Universal remote, programmed especially for them.

Window Coveringslightfilteringzi4

No matter the time of year, Texas is a sunny place which can interfere with optimal viewing pleasure. Cut glare watching your favorite television show, using your laptop at the breakfast table or read the morning paper. Now, at the touch of a button, hard-to-reach window coverings are simple to control. With a wide variety of colors and styles, you can be sure your new blinds and shades match your decor while providing comfort and energy savings. And when not in use, they can retract completely freeing up your view or coordinate to accent the interior.