January 12, 2016



Automated Home Surveillance

Protect what matters most with a fully integrated, residential or commercial security system. With advances in technology and the knowledge of Doctor Sound, installation is more affordable than most realize, providing the ability to keep tabs on your residence or commercial property remotely via your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Doctor Sound can help you defend against home invasions, car break-ins, even the frustrating theft of packages left on the front porch. It’s true, thieves are watching and waiting for an opportunity to make a move. Let them see you will not take their trespassing lightly. With reliable automation you will be able to access video cameras and record movement, allow access to those individuals only you approve, receive notification in the event of an attempted break-in, or adjust environmental and lighting settings as needed, all through you device.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your family and your belongings are safer and you are no longer helpless to take action remotely with any of these automated security features installed:

    • Access systems
    • Door and window security
    • Intercom systems
    • Lighting systems
  • Motion sensors/cameras and surveillance