January 19, 2016




Consider it streamlined efficiency at the touch of your fingertips, no matter where you may be. With a fully integrated system many daily home activities can be fully automated, saving you both time and money.

Doctor Sound will guide you from concept to demonstration providing you the ability to see if the lights were turned off, or the thermostat is set for your long weekend away. Access is now only seconds away through a single app on your smartphone or tablet, rather than miles and hours spent back- tracking just to make sure the front door is locked…peace of mind, literally, is in your hands.

Enjoy the simplicity of using a single wireless device to manage your entire home. In addition to your audio and video equipment, now you can have access and full control of:

    • Climate
    • Lighting
    • Shades
    • Security System
    • Cameras
    • Irrigation
    • Pool/ Jacuzzi
  • Home appliances