Is Live Streaming here to stay?

Every year more and more consumers are opting to “cut the cord” and rid themselves of a monthly cable bill.  Many alternative options are becoming available for those ready to ditch the cable box.  Online subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime are immensely popular, and now regular broadcast stations which would normally only be able to access through a cable box are throwing their hats into the streaming ring.

CBS is leading the way, offering viewers a direct live feed without a cable or satellite subscription.  However, don’t expect CBS to be the only broadcast network with this option for long.  HBO recently announced plans that will allow users to subscribe to an online only service next year and ESPN is planning to offer content up to a host of online services.  The cord cutting dream of an a la carte TV service has begun to materialize.
5191The average American’s viewing habits have changed tremendously in recent years, with Netflix’s streaming service reaching 50 million subscribers globally, a number which is expected to double by 2020.  Because of juggernauts like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and even smaller online streaming services such as Crackle, broadcast networks have definitely taken notice and many have plans in place to move away from cable companies and offering online subscriptions much like the new “All Access” streaming plan offered by CBS for $6 per month.

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